KDR Entertainment Multimedia, Inc.

About Us

KDR Entertainment Multimedia was founded in April of 2011 by Danny Hill, to produce a televised talent competition series. KDR Entertainment Multimedia will change the face of the entertainment industry as we know it by masterminding the biggest global entertainment phenomenon since American Idol,The Voice and as well as America's Got Talent. 

This LLC is garnering support and being mentored by a group of the most influential and successful entertainment industry professionals in the world to create this unprecedented, game-changing production. The world needs a new way for undiscovered artists with music and talent to rival, and in many instances surpass, that of their major label counterparts.

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Danny Hill - Founder of KDR Entertainment!
Danny Hill - Founder & owner of KDR Entertainment

Darron Beard - CEO of KDR Entertainment!
Darron Beard - President and CEO of KDR Entertainment

K Calvin Collins Jones (Kc” - CEO of The Jersey City Regional Facility (East Cost) 

Debra Newberg - Director of Public Relations for KDR Entertainment!

Jesse Atkinson - KDR Entertainment Executive Board Member!

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